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新加坡金沙娱乐网址:Hong Kong and Shenzhen QDII fund won the "red envelope"

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内容摘要: During the Spring Festival holiday of the A-share market, the favorable factors on the periphery continued to rise, regardless of whether t...

During the Spring Festival holiday of the A-share market, the favorable factors on the periphery continued to rise, regardless of whether the stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region or in Europe and the United States all showed different degrees of increase. Affected by this, the pre-holiday latent related funds QDII funds and funds of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Stock Exchange enjoyed substantial gains during the Lunar New Year's first trading day. Data show that 17 Hong Kong and Shenzhen funds in the February 22 net increase of more than 3%, of which the ranking of the central financial Hong Kong and Shenzhen deep consumer theme A rose 7.48%. At the same time, the internet qdii fund also ushered in the "good start" under the general rise in stocks.

In the view of many agencies, the global stock market has experienced a mild rebound after it suffered a setback in the flashback caused by the U.S. stock market. However, the continued strength of the Hong Kong stock market will continue to be the key issue of "going to sea" for raised funds direction.

Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen and QDII funds alike "compensatory growth"

During the Spring Festival, the warmth of overseas markets made the "clever money" of pre-holiday latent-related funds pocketed.

data show that during February 15 to February 21 A shares closed, the Hang Seng Index and Hang Seng China Enterprises Index rose 3%, 3.47%, respectively. Under the effect of compensatory growth, the net increase of shareholding in state-owned enterprises in the pre-holiday market by ETF and Huaxia Hang Seng ETF rose 2.26% and 1.81% respectively on the morning of February 22 opening of A shares.

In addition, according to East Fortune Choice statistics, 17 in Shanghai and Hong Kong deep fund net rose 22 February of more than 3%, which, in Shanghai and Hong Kong financial consumer topics A deep, deep Bo Hong Kong and Shanghai A preferred value and ICBC Shanghai-Hong Kong stock exchange rose 7.48%, 6.65%, 6.57% respectively.

From the performance of the US stock market, the Dow Jones industrial average, the S \u0026 P 500 and Nasdaq index rose more than 1% during the A holiday, general stocks also generally rose. Data show that good future , Baidu , unfamiliar street , New Oriental rose more than 4%. Affected by this, the main stocks related stocks of Internet QDII fund ushered in the first day after the holiday ushered in the "good start", China Internet Fund and China Internet Fund rose 4.47%, respectively, on February 22, 4.25%. Looking forward, a number of agencies believe that the current market sentiment has been in a modest recovery, the market focus will return to the medium and long-term trend of the stock market fundamentals. In the opinion of Ma Haode, Global Investment Director and chief investment officer of HSBC, HSBC Global Investment Management, major investment opportunities in the stock market this year are still concentrated in emerging markets rather than in mature markets.

Public Offerings Necessity of "Going to Sea" Still Necessary

The continuous take-up of overseas markets, especially Hong Kong stocks, has also helped raise funds to speed up the pace of "going out to sea". Information shows that since the opening of the Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, a total of net inflow has reached Hong Kong's "Bei Shui" has exceeded one trillion Hong Kong dollars. Industry estimates, one-third of the funds from retail investors, one-third from insurance funds, one third from the public and private equity funds.

The latest disclosure of the SFC website "Fund Raising Application Form" shows that as of February 9, this year have Galaxy CSI Shanghai Dividend Dividend Index, Fuguang Hong Kong stocks Tonghua selected stocks, GF Shanghai and Shenzhen deep industry leading mix More than just Hong Kong shares Gold got the "birth certificate." In addition, there are 49 Hong Kong equity funds are waiting in line pending approval. On the other hand, the size of non-prime investment Hong Kong equity funds is also rapidly expanding. Everbright Securities In a newly released research report, as of the end of January 2018, a total of 28 non-main-run Hong Kong equity funds were established with a total size of 71.852 billion yuan, accounting for the entire proportion of the total share of Hong Kong- Reached 44.59%.

According to report, both the stock and the newly issued fund, there are more urgent allocation needs of Hong Kong stocks. From fund net performance, some Hong Kong-Shenzhen funds soon after the establishment of a quick Jiancang strategy. Taking the example of ICBC Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchange A, which was established in November last year, the fund retreated 5.11% on February 6 when the Hang Seng Index dropped 5.12%. On the contrary, the HSI rebounded 1.29% in February On the 13th, the net increase of 2.18% showed a higher level of Hong Kong stocks.

incremental funding, according to Everbright Securities research report of , as of the end of January 2018, there are 18 Hong Kong stocks may vote to raise new products in the mid-term, the stock of goods to Hong Kong equity ratio projections, the future of these products will be Will inject 30 billion to 40 billion yuan into the Hong Kong stock market.

Shanghai and Hong Kong deep thematic funds

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001371 rich mix of deep value 14.73% 1. 50% 0.15% Buy Open an Account Buy
Data source: Oriental wealth Choice Data, Galaxy Securities, as of 2018-02-23





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